Are you “Laying Bricks” or “Building a Cathedral”?

By: A.J MacQuarrie

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey requires more than just an idea; it demands a mindset transformation. Whether you’re contemplating starting a business, in the midst of launching one, or managing a thriving enterprise, I urge you to take decisive steps towards manifesting your vision.

For those considering entrepreneurship, tangible actions like forming an LLC or S Corp through services like Legal Zoom (note: this is not legal advice) can set the wheels in motion. Investing in a logo, business cards, and a website transforms your concept into something tangible. These initial steps are not just about creating a business identity; they’re about nurturing belief in your venture, both for yourself and others.

Remember, these early choices and investments are foundational. Each decision, from business branding to technology adoption, contributes to building your entrepreneurial identity. These ‘deposits’ into your entrepreneurial journey reinforce your commitment and make abandoning the idea less likely.

A story shared by a friend perfectly illustrates this point. She recounted a tale of a man visiting a village, where he encountered two workers. Upon asking what they were doing, the first replied, “I’m laying bricks,” while the second proclaimed, “I’m building a cathedral.” This story highlights the power of vision and perspective in the mundane tasks of building something significant.

Once you’ve embraced the entrepreneurial mindset, it’s crucial to continue developing skills and acquiring knowledge. Bridging the gap between your current knowledge and what you need to know about your business involves several strategies:

  1.  Actively seeking education and knowledge,
  2.  Engaging with mentors or coaches for guidance, and
  3.  Learning through direct experience, or ‘trial by fire.’

Your entrepreneurial success is bounded only by your knowledge and the actions driven by that knowledge. Closing this knowledge gap is essential for achieving desired outcomes. This requires challenging entrenched beliefs, habits, and self-limiting behaviors.

Our automatic responses, shaped by lifelong self-perception and world views, govern our actions. By cultivating self-awareness, you can understand your behavioral patterns and their impact on your business outcomes. This introspection enables you to recognize if you’re operating from a fear-based, limited mindset or if you’re seeking external solutions that you believe are crucial for your business’s success.

In summary, becoming a successful entrepreneur involves more than just business acumen; it requires a fundamental shift in mindset, a commitment to continuous learning, and the courage to challenge and change deep-seated beliefs and behaviors.

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