It’s Time to Craft Your Comeback
The best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. A.J. made a lot of them, and he talks about some of his major setbacks openly and honestly in this tell-all book that follows a journey from rags to riches to ruin and then back up again after years of reflection, therapy, and writing.
Why this book?

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Setback Recovery

The faster you can get through your setbacks, the more successful you will become in life and business.

Mindset Reframe

Reframing your mindset when encountering any of The 3 F’s will be a lot easier after you apply the framework.

Practical Techniques

Learn practical techniques to come to terms with shame and embarrassment to move forward and keep going!

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About the Author

A.J. MacQuarrie is an entrepreneur who has been through it all, from the highs of turning a $20,000 investment into a multi-million dollar business, to the lows of sitting in bankruptcy court next to people who invested their savings- and their trust- in that business. He is the former CEO of KarmaBox Vending, one of the world’s first healthy vending companies that expanded to over 80 cities across the United States in just 3.5 years.

He launched his current venture, Keep Going HQ, to help entrepreneurs spark growth, build on ideas, and take action with affordable marketing solutions, inspiring programs, and helpful free resources. A.J. is the co-host of the 40 Under 40 Podcast available on all platforms and lives in the Boston area with his feisty Scottish Terrier (Benson), sweet Frenchie (Blue), and amazing partner.

From failing on national television and enduring a traumatic tragedy to sitting in bankruptcy court with $1.5 million in debt, it’s safe to say that A.J. MacQuarrie is no stranger to setbacks. Each and every time, though, he gave his failures, flukes, and f-ups (“The 3 Fs”) purpose that ultimately became fuel to propel him forward. Learn practical techniques to ensure the next time you encounter one of The Fs, you’ll be empowered and well-equipped to handle them with grace, poise, and stability.

“Craft Your Comeback” was written to give you a new perspective on turning setbacks into advantages through A.J.’s emotional stories, practical tips, and dynamic lessons. The faster you can navigate your setbacks, the more successful and fulfilled you will be in life and business. So what are you waiting for? Come to peace with your past and build a better future by embodying
the three main concepts in this book (The 3 Fs, The Comeback Pill, and Plan B).

Get ready to laugh and maybe even cry while learning about A.J.’s complicated entrepreneurial journey that will be sure to inspire you to take action no matter what circumstance you’re in. An expedition that spans the continuum from being a broke college dropout full of dreams all the way to becoming a CEO overwhelmed by running a seven-figure company back down to a
bankrupt F-up living in a studio in Los Angeles and ultimately making a comeback with a new company, a lofty goal, and clear vision.

11 Reasons to Buy Craft Your Comeback
1. You’re like every other human and have experienced a setback or two (or twenty)
2. You want to learn how to view your failures, flukes, and F-ups in a more positive light.
3. You want to maneuver setbacks faster to be more successful
4. You’re an entrepreneur who needs a good story to relate to your life experiences
5. You’re curious about becoming an entrepreneur and want to learn from this story
6. You want to craft your own comeback after Failures, Flukes, and F-Ups
7. You desire to feel lighter and be at peace with your past
8. You’d like to come to terms with shame and embarrassment
9. You want to gain more confidence by owning your Failures, Flukes, and F-ups
10. You’re excited to learn the Setback Advantage Framework - broken down into four easy steps.
11. You want to learn from others through their experiences of mistakes, pain, and heartbreak.