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The Year of the Entrepreneur: Why 2024 Is the Best Time in Human History to Start a Business

By: A.J. MacQuarrie Dive into the unprecedented era of entrepreneurship in 2024, where AI, remote work, global networking, and low-cost business models converge to offer unparalleled opportunities for financial independence, innovation, and personal freedom – the time to embark on your...

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Basic Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2024

By: A.J. Macquarrie Discover the essential tech toolkit for entrepreneurs in 2024, featuring Google Workspace for seamless collaboration, Zoom for virtual office communication, Zoho CRM for customer relationships, and Canva for stunning designs – revolutionize your business game...

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What’s a Sales Funnel?

By: A.J. MacQuarrie A funnel is the process by which you get your product or service in front of a target audience and communicate your message in a way that solicits a specific action, a.k.a. lead generation. An effective funnel usually consists of four elements: the ad, landing page,...

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Embracing Setbacks: A Path to Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Success

By: A.J. MacQuarrie Setbacks, whether minor or major, present a critical juncture in your journey. At this crossroads, you face a vital decision: succumb to self-defeat or embrace self-empowerment. Your perspective shapes this choice, offering you the power to redefine your path....

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Are you “Laying Bricks” or “Building a Cathedral”?

By: A.J MacQuarrie Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey requires more than just an idea; it demands a mindset transformation. Whether you’re contemplating starting a business, in the midst of launching one, or managing a thriving enterprise, I urge you to take decisive steps...

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Know When — and What — to Give Up in Order to Move Forward

By A.J. MacQuarrie It’s likely that you’ve seen this meme pop up in your Facebook feed from time to time: A mugshot of Winston Churchill, with his characteristic bow tie and cigar, rallying readers to “Never, never, never give up.” Well, Churchill never...

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Leave Microchipping to Pets, Not Employees

By A.J. MacQuarrie News reports that Wisconsin vending machine company Three Square Market will microchip employees are burning up social media today, and rightly so. The implanted $300 RFID microchips would let employees, perhaps desperate for a quick mid-afternoon Snickers bar,...

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Build Your Startup with a Franchise Mindset to Scale for Success

By A.J. MacQuarrie Recent films like “The Founder” and books such as “Ray and Joan” have spotlighted Ray Kroc, one of the great business leaders of his time. Among the many lessons that Kroc’s experience holds for this era’s entrepreneurs is the business model he created for...

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Stop Thinking like an Employee and Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

By A.J. MacQuarrie If you’re an employee, here’s how your day goes: Get up; Go to work at someone else’s business; Work for someone else’s business; Go to lunch and try not to think about someone else’s business; Go back to work for someone else’s business; Make money for someone...

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What Drives You Crazy About Millennials Is What Makes Them Great Entrepreneurs

By A.J. MacQuarrie    For some bosses, millennial employees are a maddening source of frustrations over their stereotypical habits and unconventional approaches to workplace expectations. But what drives those traditional bosses crazy is also what can make millennials great bosses...

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8 Tips for High School Students Ready to Start Their First Businesses

By A.J. MacQuarrie More than 15 million U.S. high school students head to school every fall, and many  of them will become entrepreneurs, building their own futures, creating wealth and doing what they love. Entrepreneurship is respected, fun and dynamic (now more than ever before)....

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Losing My Life Partner Could Have Sunk My Business — But Instead It Became My Motivation

By A.J. MacQuarrie  How one founder turned personal tragedy into entrepreneurial triumph. Building your own business is never easy, but at no time is it more challenging than when personal tragedy strikes. All of a sudden, focusing on your business seems impossible. Things you may long...

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